Police in Pakistan Downplay Signs of Arson in Fire at Christian TV Station


Sarfraz William of Gawahi cable TV channel is interviewed following fire at station office. (Morning Star News via Gawahi Facebook) Sarfraz William of Gawahi cable TV channel is interviewed following fire at station office. (Morning Star News via Gawahi Facebook)

Islamist threats, broken locks, witness statements discounted

Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Police are downplaying several signs pointing to arson in a fire reported at 3 a.m. on Tuesday (Nov. 24) at the office of a Christian cable TV station in Karachi, sources said.

Gawahi Television chief Sarfraz William said the fire at the popular Christian channel’s office in Akhtar Colony was an act of sabotage. William said he suspected arson because computers and other instruments were damaged, probably as a result of some chemical being thrown on them, while wooden materials in the office remained unscathed. Computer hard disks were also stolen.

Station personnel had received threats from suspected Islamic militants who warned the station to stop preaching Christianity, William said. Other local sources told Morning Star…

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KAZAKHSTAN: Fourteenth known 2014 short-term prison term



(Forum 18) On 18 August, Council of Churches Baptist Nikolai Novikov became the 14th individual known to have been given a short-term prison sentence in Kazakhstan this year for refusing to pay an earlier fine imposed to punish him for refusing to seek state permission to exercise the right to freedom of religion or belief, Forum 18 News Service notes. He served five days in prison in West Kazakhstan Region, a month after a fellow Baptist in East Kazakhstan Region served a ten-day prison term on the same charges.

Meanwhile, a husband and wife are the latest individuals known to have been fined for talking to others about their faith without the compulsory state permission.

Administrative prosecution of members of a Pentecostal church in Pavlodar for unregistered religious activity related to a rehabilitation centre seem likely. The moves appear to be part of a behind-the-scenes official campaign against communities regarded as „non-traditional”, especially
those running social projects…

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28 Noiembrie 2015 va rămâne o zi memorabila pentru comunitatea de evanghelici romani din Oxford. Este ziua in care a avut loc primul serviciu divin in noua biserica creștina ce a luat ființa in orașul Oxford, Marea Britanie. Trăim vremuri de har in care creștinii se pot intâlni in pace pentru a lauda pe Creatorul si pentru a propovădui evanghelia Mântuirii la comunitatea de romani din Oxford si împrejurimi! Domnul sa fie laudat!Church launch in Oxford yesterday, we are living in exciting times!

 sursa: Emmaus Church Birmingham 


Biserica Penticostala Peniel Londra – întâlniri in acest weekend


In acest weekend invitatul Bisericii Peniel este Pastorul Bogdan Ioan din Oradea, reprezentant al Bisericilor Penticostale din diaspora. 

Programele din acest weekend sunt:

Vineri 7:30 pm – Biserica – Va slujii Bogdan Ioan

Sambata 6 pm – Inalnirea tinerilor

Duminica 8 am – Biserica – Va slujii Bogdan Ioan

Duminica 6 pm – Biserica si Ordinarea slujitorilor – Va slujii Bogdan Ioan si Joe Kurien de la Church of God.

Pe aceasta cale va invitam sa fiti impreuna cu noi.

Dumnezeu sa va binecuvanteze.

Pastor Tiberiu Pop