Reţeaua România Evanghelică – Statistici 3 decembrie 2014

Romania Evanghelica

Suceava Evanghelică – 3.037.000
România Evanghelică – 1.954.000
Clujul Evanghelic – 1.120.000 (4 februarie 2013)
Hunedoara Evanghelică – 464.000
Dejul Evanghelic – 341.000
Bistrița Evanghelică – 300.000 (23 septembrie 2013)
Londra Evanghelică – 295.000
Oradea Evanghelică – 188.000
Vâlcea Evanghelică – 129.000
Spania Evanghelică – 106.000

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Thanksgiving service 2014 at Emmaus Church Birmingham

2014, WOW, so many things to be thankful for! We don’t even know where to stat! And although in our personal walk with God we do thank Him for all His blessings day in and day out, it is such a great joy and encouragement to hear others proclaim Jesus’s grace in their lives. And that is why we come together, to honor, share and rejoice in His majestic goodness! I know YOU have many things to thank God for! So come with us on the 16th of November and celebrate this year with Emmaus Church. We will also have Daniel Puicar’s Induction Service as Minister in training, to top it all up. Can’t wait to have fellowship with you and praise God together!